Made In London



We’ve collaborated with an incredible team, all based in London, to help bring impeccable pieces to your wardrobe that tell a story right from your own city.

This advantage allows us to make sure each piece is manufactured with a focus on delivering the highest standards of quality and crafted details, from the cut of the fabric to the fastening of buttons.



Kotys collaborates with seamstresses in the London area who use our handcrafted patterns that contour the curves of the female shape for comfort and style, whilst our customised tailoring service gives you the opportunity for a unique finish and style that means business.

Since conception, we’ve been focused on doing one thing right: creating that perfect sleeved dress that will look beautiful on each and every woman. The garments are made-to-wear, translated into clean lines and luxurious fabrics that fit YOUR body, no exceptions.

The clean lines, luxurious fabrics and fine details of our designs will breathe confidence and sophistication into your workwear wardrobe. We aim to take the hardship out of finding the perfect work dress.



Making every woman feel powerful in garments that never go out of style.

We believe in keeping work wear simple and sophisticated. Dressing in a timeless, polished look makes you feel beautiful from the inside out - and we want every woman to shine comfortably. For the Kotys woman, it’s about being comfortable and fashionable with sustainable products that will look fabulous in your closet for years to come. Our passion? Sleeved dresses, simply because elegance is defined by wearing them.



We all know that 24 hour in a day simply isn’t enough to accomplish everything we’ve dreamt about. From the time we wake up until the time we close our eyes to sleep, we’ve been conditioned to keep planning, keep achieving and keep moving forward. To help us keep achieving those ‘little wins’ in life, we’ve created a line of empowering garments that will help do it.

Our timeless designs, classic colors and breathable pieces made right here in London, were developed with comfort and endurance in mind to help you feel confident to conquer whatever is on your schedule today. After all, we believe that the Kotys woman is ready to take on the world. Are you with us?



At Kotys, not only are we committed to designing classic, quality pieces, but ones that are sustainable, too. Simply put: fast fashion is killing the environment - and an increasing number of women are turning to capsule wardrobes with quality, classic designs and colors to protect the environment while still looking on point.

Our high-quality workwear will not harm people or planet and last for seasons to come. These pieces are made in factories sourced for both fabric and production - and the awards these spaces have received reflect that.

 Kotys also recognizes innovative sustainability and uses it as a guide to our growth.



Natural fibres, natural comfort, natural beauty.

Our use of Italian and British fabrics are handpicked carefully for durability, comfort and quality. While the majority of our garments are 100% wool, we’re working hard to dispel the misconception that this is only a winter material! In fact, our lighter summer piece of wool, silk and cotton will actually keep you cool in the summer! We’ve chosen wool to reflect everything classic about the Kotys woman. These natural fibres are gentle on the skin and comfortable for every body and skin type.

By pioneering high-quality natural fabrics our aim is to bestow a natural air of elegance and confidence, because the Kotys woman already embodies this inside and deserves to express it to the world through her clothes, too.





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